Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don’t make your life complicated.

How many years do we live on this earth? , Why do we struggle everyday in life? , No one asks this question to himself, every person keep on struggling to make tomorrow beautiful, to enjoy that tomorrow he spends today without enjoying, he works hard today. But that tomorrow will never come in his life. That day must be today, enjoy in everything you do, don’t wait for tomorrows, keep yourself simple, even a small child should feel comfortable in moving, playing with you. Everyone should like your presence everywhere. Be simple like kid, don’t show all your worries on your face, they are the things to be hidden. The exposure thing is your smile, your happiness.
Find all the reasons to be happy; don’t keep on thinking about things which hurts you, which irritates you. They are your enemies, I challenge you if you keep on thinking about things, incidents which depressed you continuously for one month you will end in serious health disorder. Now you can choose which is better.
Don’t overlap your goals, keep your goals small, after achieving one goal go for another, because you can’t travel in two ships at a time.

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