Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don’t make your life complicated.

How many years do we live on this earth? , Why do we struggle everyday in life? , No one asks this question to himself, every person keep on struggling to make tomorrow beautiful, to enjoy that tomorrow he spends today without enjoying, he works hard today. But that tomorrow will never come in his life. That day must be today, enjoy in everything you do, don’t wait for tomorrows, keep yourself simple, even a small child should feel comfortable in moving, playing with you. Everyone should like your presence everywhere. Be simple like kid, don’t show all your worries on your face, they are the things to be hidden. The exposure thing is your smile, your happiness.
Find all the reasons to be happy; don’t keep on thinking about things which hurts you, which irritates you. They are your enemies, I challenge you if you keep on thinking about things, incidents which depressed you continuously for one month you will end in serious health disorder. Now you can choose which is better.
Don’t overlap your goals, keep your goals small, after achieving one goal go for another, because you can’t travel in two ships at a time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

During Infosys training...

A real story of a true friend..
During my school days I used to be very friendly with everyone, when a day of separation came, it was only me who got hurted a lot and cried much than anyone.
From that incident I don’t know what happened I kept myself reserved, because I don’t want to hurt myself again due to separation, days passed I joined my engineering. I was blamed lot by my friends, that you have lot of sense of humor, patience, openness, caring nature but you keep yourself reserved and moody. I know but I thought this was the safe option. I moved friendly with them as much as I need and was focusing seriously towards my career.
For my hard work and sincerity I got placed in my dream company Infosys. After I completed my engineering I was made to wait 8 months for joining. Its ok, waiting for a loved thing doesn’t matter much to us. It was March 2009 I entered the campus, to achieve my dreams, to fulfill my goals through my dream company. Everything was going fine, the campus was just like a resort through my roommate I met a tamilian gang of girls. They were very excited, full of life and enjoying each moment in the campus. I as usual kept myself reserved, but one girl in that group impressed me a lot, I lost control, I lost my reserved nature, started moving very friendly with her, all my feelings I was hiding these many days started flowing
towards her, she told her story of first crush, she shared every incidents in her life. She too liked me much and she was kissing me again and again. She used to praise me, my dressing sense, my intelligence, everything was going fine.
Our technical training started one day, our classroom was a 200 seater big classroom. Thank God, we both got same classroom but bit far. During our tea breaks and during lunch our group used to move together. One day she met one more guy in the class who was from her native they used to talk in their language I could understand little, my mother tongue was different.
Day by day they became close to each other. She became so close to him that she forgot me and becoming departed day by day from our group. From first meet I dint liked that person because he was very dominating, used to comment on dressing of girls, acting very innocently and taking advantage of it, more over in public he used to touch my friend and used create scene in food courts. I told her many times directly and indirectly that I don’t want him in our group. Because, he always behaved somewhat with us and very differently with her.
In one of the toughest module I and my friend got flunked. He got cleared, he took this as advantage and started helping her for retest, but I prepared on my own and in retest I got 90 and she got 85. He acted as if without him she could not have cleared. She also started believing it and he made her dependent on him so much as if she can’t study without him she too got separated from us. But still she has lot of love and care towards me, even me the most reserved person was very much depended on her, until she call me I never went for lunch alone.
I was just sandwiched between this boy and my friend.
She tells both are like two eyes for me.
He behaves very odd with others except her.
I couldn’t tolerate this boy and at the same time I cant leave my friend. Because she was my world, I dint made any friends in campus other than her.
I was confused, because of this difference in opinion anyone used to cry daily, this was a never ending problem, days passed I decided very seriously to leave them when, being a boy he cried one day since she didn’t talk to him for 2 days, to have peace any one has to leave the group. I know he will not leave, he is a nice actor he will act as if he is sacrificing and blackmail her, somehow he will hurt her and make her to beg him, not to leave the group.
You people might be thinking why I am thinking so much to leave her. There is a reason friends. For one week I didn’t moved that much close to her and started departing from her and lightly stopped talking, she dragged me to rest room and asked me, can you get back that one week where you avoided me. I was confused. But I decided strongly when for everything she used to call him and take decision, even for helping me, when I need her help.
It’s my turn to make everything normal. As the training will go very hectic further, I don’t want her to be disturbed because of me. I decided to leave them, if my friendship is that much strong, she will come back. I stopped talking with her, this silence was burning me. I tolerated, only for the sake of my friendship. He utilized this very nicely. He started moving very close to her, that she forgot me. I started concentrating very seriously towards my career. He became hero in her eyes, he separated everyone from her. For good or bad she can share only with him. He know whenever I saw him I get irritated and disturbed. During my every stream module test, he used to come to my class, as if to see his other friends, whenever I see his face, I got disturbed. I couldn’t concentrate on exam. For my bad luck I got toughest stream, I couldn’t complete my training successfully as my health also not co operated. As my desire my friend completed her training successfully, even he.
I learnt a great lesson, which will never make me fail again in any thing in my life. Yes, the same old lesson “BEING RESERVED IS THE SAFEST OPTION”.
I know, I made a mistake in avoiding my love to my friend for a sake of an idiot. But think she became dependent on him to study, if she got failed, she would have blamed me. I lost my career, my friendship; I became bad girl in my friend’s eye. But a true friendship, a true love, always end in sacrifice.
So friends, don’t hurt in any relationship be careful from beginning, be little selfish for your well being.
Tell me friends if you were in my place. How would you have solved this problem?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

World looks beautiful only to the winners

Before becoming a winner one has to struggle hard for his position. He knows the value of every minute. Every moment was a challenge for him to reach this position. Success comes to those, who deserve it. Before becoming a winner everyone in this world might have faced failure at least once. Because that consciousness in the mind, will guide us to the right path, also that consciousness will never allow us to take steps towards failure, which already wounded us.
Once if you have come across all these complications, ups and downs and obtained success then world is yours, world will salutes you, it considers you as a role model. Then world looks beautiful in your eyes. You start loving the society, society starts loving you. This cycle continues and you start doing something good to society and thus life will become complete. So always struggle hard for success to become complete.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why life makes us to cry sometimes?

Even a winner, a most confident person or a very happy person we see around, are made to cry by life. Because life is not always flower carpet, sometimes life makes us to walk on stony, dusty roads. We may struggle lot to make our life beautiful, but life has its own way to make us taste all flavors of life. Why? Why? Why? Life wants us to cry sometimes. Because we can’t enjoy the happiness completely, if have not suffered the pain of sorrows.
Then, why we struggle to make wonderful tomorrows and when that tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying with what we got, again we start struggling for still better tomorrow, are we selfish? Really not. The dreams, ambitions can only make us alert, active and to move on in life. Otherwise life will become stagnant water, life must be running water for life to be fresh and young. Why we should worry for sorrows and stop dreaming, let it come, let us learn from it and get one more experience to lead life more meaningfully.
So, I am guiding you friend never stop dreaming. When you stop dreaming, its the end of your life.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Success is property of lost person.

The value of shadow is known to those who bared the heat of sun. The taste of success is more delicious when we get it after we face lots of failure.So friend never get depressed when you face failure ,as failure is a stepping stone for success. Don’t run away from life, It’s a game play it .Play it until you get tired, rest you leave it to God.
The stone that bare lot of pain from chisel of a sculpture will convert into a beautiful statue. Yes friend all these pains , sorrows only make us stronger, experienced and truly eligible to face success. No person on this earth succeeded without facing bundles of failure. Everyone has their own struggle, pain in their life. No person on this earth is born to enjoy the lifetime, everyone has to face failure and same amount of happiness is waiting for you, so let us have patience.

Don’t expect much from love.

When it comes to love don’t expect much, because love increases proportionally when you start giving. When you become selfish and start expecting something from love, I am sure you definitely lose. Love increases where there is sincerity, unselfishness,
purity and truth.
When you do not expect anything from love, whatever you get in return from love looks like bonus to you ,but when you expect even a small thing from love whatever you get looks small in front of your expectation. So expect less and get more.

Any Relationship to last longer, should have a basement called “truth”.

Who don’t wants a good relationship as a friend, as a love .Yes, everyone expects lot of love and peace from any relationship. But what, if you get opposite side of it, No!!!
We can’t even imagine those bad things.
So its important for any relationship should have a strongly built basement and it must start with truth .False is like thorns it always hurts , truth is like feather its gentle touch makes your love stronger. False at that time may give you pleasure but one day or the other every one has to face its harm .So friends choose truth if you want any relationship to stay longer and stronger.

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