Sunday, September 20, 2009

Success is property of lost person.

The value of shadow is known to those who bared the heat of sun. The taste of success is more delicious when we get it after we face lots of failure.So friend never get depressed when you face failure ,as failure is a stepping stone for success. Don’t run away from life, It’s a game play it .Play it until you get tired, rest you leave it to God.
The stone that bare lot of pain from chisel of a sculpture will convert into a beautiful statue. Yes friend all these pains , sorrows only make us stronger, experienced and truly eligible to face success. No person on this earth succeeded without facing bundles of failure. Everyone has their own struggle, pain in their life. No person on this earth is born to enjoy the lifetime, everyone has to face failure and same amount of happiness is waiting for you, so let us have patience.

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