Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why life makes us to cry sometimes?

Even a winner, a most confident person or a very happy person we see around, are made to cry by life. Because life is not always flower carpet, sometimes life makes us to walk on stony, dusty roads. We may struggle lot to make our life beautiful, but life has its own way to make us taste all flavors of life. Why? Why? Why? Life wants us to cry sometimes. Because we can’t enjoy the happiness completely, if have not suffered the pain of sorrows.
Then, why we struggle to make wonderful tomorrows and when that tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying with what we got, again we start struggling for still better tomorrow, are we selfish? Really not. The dreams, ambitions can only make us alert, active and to move on in life. Otherwise life will become stagnant water, life must be running water for life to be fresh and young. Why we should worry for sorrows and stop dreaming, let it come, let us learn from it and get one more experience to lead life more meaningfully.
So, I am guiding you friend never stop dreaming. When you stop dreaming, its the end of your life.

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